Name: Tier 3 Donor
Price: 45.00 USD

Tier 3 Donor Package:

  • Access to Donation Hub via /warp
  • Access to /hat (put any block on your head!)
  • Access to 5 homes (/sethome)
  • Access to /craft (Virtual crafting table)
  • Access to /chest (2 virtual 54 slot chests)
  • Access to /disguise (zombie, skeleton, creeper, cow, sheep, chicken, pig, horse, parrot, villager)
  • Access to disguise as a baby mob
  • Access to cosmetics including 10 gadgets, 17 particles, and 40 hats.
  • Access to /sort for automatic Inventory/Chest sorting (Double click empty space to sort)
  • Dark green name
  • Donor banner on forums and discord